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About Us

"Developing tomorrow´s Africa, today!"

AFRICA INDUSTRIAL & LOGISTICS PARKS is another LandAfrique Group endeavor, that has one mission: creating scalable infrastructure solutions impacting emerging Africa.

With over four decades of experience as market leader with our 454 Ha AGBARA INDUSTRIAL PARK in Nigeria, that accommodates among others Unilever, Nestlé, Reckitt Benckiser, Suntory, GlaxoSmithKline, PharmaDeko, Beta Glass, Nigerian Breweries and many other well known brands, LandAfrique is now expanding to new real estate developments, building intermodal infrastructures and setting up sizeable agricultural projects in Sub Saharan Africa.

LandAfrique has one of the largest land banks in Africa, delivered more than 1.000 homes and operates efficiently its own developments through its own asset and property management firm.

As an emerging market specialist, we monitor a series of businesses, economical, macro and geopolitical variables to assess how we can create training, employment and housing opportunities to significantly impact the life of our fellow Africans, resulting in inclusive growth across the continent.

LandAfrique understand the huge range of potential that is available that needs the access to a wide range of stakeholders. We are proud to facilitate and support the development, housing necessities and industrialization of Sub Saharan African countries.

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